Klangkarussell are back in control. As younger men, this Austrian duo wrote ‘Sonnentanz’, a track that went on to be a global, chart topping hit. That naturally took the old Salzburg school friends in a certain direction – which, in the excitement of the moment, they were happy to embrace – but it was always at the whim of others rather than in pursuit of their own musical vision. They’re doing things on their own terms, and on their own label – Bias Beach Records – an imprint that has so far seen the release of twelve Klangkarussell singles since September 2019 (‘Comoros’; ‘Ghostkeeper feat. GIVVEN’; ‘Shipwreck’; ‘My World’; ‘Follow feat. GIVVEN’; ‘Plastic’; ‘Air’, ´Home´, ´This Love´, ´Calling Out Your Name feat. Mando Diao´ ´I Feel Fine´ and latest track, ´Sight Of You feat. LissA´).


Together, this run of releases has so far accrued an astonishing 200 million streams. Despite the fact that they have been making music together for a decade, they now have a renewed sense of purpose, energy and inspiration. Throughout their careers, the pair have always been masters of emotion. That emotion has been underpinned by a wide variety of rhythms, but always offered proper structure, and is amplified by Klangkarussell’s trademark synth work.


Their DJ sets have remained in demand over the years, which is a testament to the effect they have on crowds everywhere from Phonox and XOYO in London to clubs across the rest of Europe and as far afield as US and Colombia.