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UK born Jenn Getz & Alfie are lighting up the house and tech music scene with the arrival of their debut single “Only 4 Things”. The pair are now household names and are widely recognised as Dubai’s only female DJ duo having established their partnership in 2020.  Their tenacious and invigorating energy has drawn crowds from far and wide and their ability to perfectly read the vibe of the room always leaves fans thirsty for more. 

The UK DJs are currently residents for Dubai’s number one nightlife destination, Soho Garden and are regularly seen playing to the packed out club and supporting the biggest names in the music business such as Sonny Fodera, MK, Claptone, Solardo & Fisher. They also have a weekly slot on the infamous Ibiza Global Radio UAE where they drop the freshest tech and house tracks. 

Making the unorthodox decision of fusing their musical stylings together in 2020, Jenn Getz & Alfie have experienced a somewhat meteoric rise to fame. They saw a gap in the market for an all-female DJ group, and instead of competing against each other, they joined forces to create rhythmic masterpieces. Only meeting in the midst of the pandemic, the female hit-makers honed their skills by messing around with unique beats and alternate styles to perfect their signature sound. Both extremely talented individually, they found their talents combined expertly, leading to an emphatic eruption of pulsating tones. 

Both already successful individually, in such a small space of time their ideology synced perfectly and after crafting their trade methodically in the studio, they reached new heights by soon entertaining packed venues. They have since gone on to being picked up by radio stations, collaborate with ultra-famous brands and huge labels are in the hunt to sign this up-and-coming DJ duo.  

Now following their recognition by the power house record label Solotoko, Jenn Getz & Alfie have released their debut single “Only 4 Things”, which is an amalgamation of all their hard work and dedication. They are set to be mainstays on the house music scene and this debut single promises to just be the start of great things still to come for this groundbreaking duo. 

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